Franchise Opportunity

Maksun Biotech Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a rapidly growing Propaganda-cum-Distribution better known as PCD and pharma franchise company in India. PCD is a well known business jargon in pharmaceutical industry and has bagged the position of key marketing strategy for pharmaceutical companies. We are ISO certified and our wide product spectrum ranges from tablets, capsules, syrups to injections, protein supplements and Ayurvedic products. Compliance with Industry practices and guidelines is our motto and we try our crucial best to adhere to best quality standards and ergo deliver safe and effective products approved by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI).

In our effort to deliver quality and reach new heights in PCD, we look for Franchisees who have what it takes to get distribution and monopoly rights district wise across various states in India. As a responsible pharma franchise company, we ensure all aspects of distribution are well covered for quality and efficiency ensuring cooperation and comprehensive relationship.

Have a quick look at our Pharma franchise in India opportunities in various states. We would love to have you onboard with Maksun Biotech Pvt. Ltd. which is unarguably one of the best PCD companies in India. Running a successful pharma PCD company  is bound to boost your business rank and you shall enjoy the fruitful returns that come with success and higher rank. Look out  and join hands with us if you would like to benefit from the pharma franchise opportunity!



  • We focus on offering 100% customer satisfaction and for this we can go to any level.
  • We always work with a positive motto and move smoothly towards our target.
  • We believe in the perfect combination of quality as well as performance.




  • Our PCD Pharma Franchise in India wants to spread out network through more of our Pharma franchise companies in the nation.
  • Maksun Pharma is totally committed to offer healthy lifestyle through the well developed and well formulated medicines or drugs of our company.


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